From the Sermon: You are Real to Me

Responsive Reading based on the words of Dan Ellsberg and Randy Kehler, and based upon words from the Solidarity Vigil with the Sikh community, and the Sikh power of Chardi Kala.

C: Two worlds are both existing just now: a waning world dominated by fear, and an emerging world becoming more and more like a family.

R: What are the forces that we can align with that will help us emerge into that awareness and bring it into being?

C: Protect us from the eyes that have forgotten how to cry.

R: When I hurt, you hurt. When you hurt, I hurt.

C: A larger force called by many names attunes us to wish well to all humanity. In the Sikh community that force is called Chardi Kala.

R: Chardi Kala means to join and help others in their hour of need. It is said that we find ourselves by knowing each other.

C: We join the Universal Cosmic Life Force. Chardi Kala means we bring faith into action with eternal optimism.

R: Chardi Kala means we have confidence in the power of truth and love and the wisdom of resilience. Let us seek that place.

C: We are connected in mystery and miracle as we generate new cycles.

R: We open to learn what co-liberation can mean as we embrace our shared destiny.

Closing words: May you be held in the heart of love.

                  I carry the flame.