Category: Candle at the Window: Pastor’s Message

  • Hands Across the Hills

    I just got off the phone with Gwen Johnson in Letcher County, Kentucky. Some of you may remember her joining online some Sundays this past year at the Village Church services. We met through Hands Across the Hills and have become lifelong friends.

  • Music for the Soul

    “Music opens the avenues to the soul which must be kept open all the time.” This is one of the passages from the book Greenwood: This Other Eden by Joseph Schaaf that I shared in a sermon to celebrate Greenwood Music Camp’s presence.

  • Seeing Through Each Other’s Eyes

    In the fullness of summer, in this full spectrum light, may we listen to each other from that place of pausing to hear and value, and looking through each other’s eyes.

  • How Do We Support the Children?

    Wherever we go, people are talking about the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde. Sometimes we sense also a feeling of not being able to have one more conversation. Have you had times of heartache and helplessness, of wanting to do something and not knowing what?

  • Spring Is the Opposite of War

    When we are weighted down by the unthinkable domination of war, the basic life force of Earth brings us back. Right now is the “just yet” time of new green on the branches. Right now is the time of staring into the yellow trumpet of daffodils and remarking on their miracle. We belong to the…